Understand your Adrenals Series

One of the main goals of this Foundation is to bring awareness to Adrenal Disease.

We are pleased to announce we have collaborated with the healthcare education site- ZUBIA ( https://zubialive.com/ )  to teach a 4 part webinar series designed to educate the world on the adrenals, what they do and bring awareness to adrenal issues.

adrenalpromo (2)

The videos are posted below-

Episode 1- What do the Adrenals do?

Episode 2- Adrenal Fatigue VS Adrenal Insufficiency

Episode 3-  Types of Adrenal Diseases/Problems

Episode 4- Keeping your Adrenals Healthy

Published by

Author Winslow E. Dixon-Jackson

Winslow E Dixon- CEO of Adrenal Alternatives Foundation. Published Author of Townsend: The EverVigilant Series, Adrenal Insufficiency 101: A Patient’s Guide to Managing Adrenal Insufficiency, The Shivering Sunbeam, Arsenal of Arrows Devotional Journal Challenge Series, Peace by Peace Inspirational Health Journal and Chronically Stoned: The Guide to Winning the Battle Against Kidney Stones and UTIs.

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