Adrenal Disease Broken Down

I was sent this link ( by a sister Addisonian. I was really shocked at how broken down this was. I have never came across an article that was so informative. I learned so much and I really wanted to share it with those who are suffering from Addison’s Disease or know of someone who is.

I read through the article (please excuse the pronunciation of things, I know I butchered so much of it) and give a little bit of info about what I was told/not told, tests that were ran or not ran for me, and what steps I want to take to make this disease less of a burden on my body. ( or head to my website to hear the podcast).

Please check out the link as well. Advocate for yourselves and don’t take “I dont’ know or your results look normal” for an answer. You know your body better than any doctor.

I think we all get stuck in the “what do I even say” moment with some of our doctors. Especially those who do not listen. When I was recently in the hospital in April, none of the doctors would even consider looking at my diagnosis of Addisons Disease as a culprit to what was happening to my body. One of them even said, “I don’t know anything about that, but I am sure this has nothing to do with it.” How would he even know when he just admitted to not knowing anything. With Addison’s Disease, stress is a big trigger and with what the doctors were saying (my body was to stressed out), would make me want to research that a little bit more. If my root disease is Addison’s, and stress makes it worse, and you are saying that my body has been over stressed and now is presenting as “functional neurological disorder”, why wouldn’t you try to factor in Addison’s Disease?

I get that they only touch on this during medical school, but I believe that our disease should be more that a paragraph or two in a medical book. We are more important than that. This isn’t something we can recover from. This is our life…Forever.

Keep fighting and keep raising awareness. If we don’t….Who will.



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