Exciting Announcement

As promised, we have an exciting announcement!

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation was created to help all adrenal disease patients find better quality of life. We are actively working to make sure treatment options are available to all adrenal insufficiency sufferers.

Access to the cortisol pump treatment is limited and this foundation is dedicated to helping people establish care and maintain pumps/supplies to achieve this life changing treatment.

In addition to our long term solutions for this issue, we are pleased to announce we have found a solution to eliminate the “black market” necessity for gaining access to pumps. The days of scouring eBay, craigslist and facebook for pumps and supplies are now over!

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with CR3, which is an organization dedicated to placing pumps and supplies in the lives of people who need them.


Founders Winslow E. Dixon and Charles Ray III (pictured above) have created a program which combines the resources of both organizations in order to supply pumps to adrenal disease patients in a safe and legal manner.

To apply click the highlighted text.

You can also discover more information on cortisol pumping on our website.

PumpPartnership (2).jpg

This is just one step into bettering the lives of future adrenal disease patients.

Change is coming for Adrenal Disease!

Stay tuned for updates!


The Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are a patient empowerment organization that encourages, educates and advocates for sufferers of all adrenal diseases. EIN: 83-3629121

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  1. Winslow this is fantastic!!! I’m elated with the progress you both have made!
    I have tears in my eyes! I know the struggles that us pumpers experience. I keep getting told I’m approved for a pump and even got my mailing address.
    It’s all stuck in limbo because of a technicality. Pencil pushers that see us as case numbers and not people.
    I fought fiercely and the war was all based on no FDA approval. That’s when I countered back and told THEM that it is an infusion pump. Not a “ diabetic pump. “
    Nothing against diabetes.
    I’m diabetic due to this disease, it’s use was intended to be for infusions! Many things needed to infuse! Cortisol for one, insulin, etc.
    I’m thankful to you and personally proud of what you ( plural ) are accomplishing.
    My “ black market pump “ now has quit completely. Motor quit suddenly. Oral HC makes me sick. But it must be taken.
    Hope my fellow butterflies can get them a pump without the tension you have to go through. And not accentuating the situations with what we need or can even get.
    Anyway, thank you

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