The Butterfly: Story behind the Symbol for Adrenal Insufficiency

Out of all the possible symbols that could represent adrenal disease, why was the blue butterfly chosen for adrenal insufficiency?

Butterflies have long been a symbol of rebirth, beauty and grace, but more so than these facts, butterflies share many similarities with adrenal insufficiency patients.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation. Butterflies represent the ability to move from one state, perspective or lifestyle to a new one.

Like most adrenal patients, the butterflies go through a troubling time of transition. To achieve metamorphosis, the caterpillar spins itself into a cocoon. The caterpillar and adrenal patient alike undergo a process that changes their lives permanently, only to emerge to a new normal. The butterflies time in the cocoon can be likened to many adrenal patients experiences before diagnosis: the medical tests, the hospital trips, and the realization that your body was changing right in front of you and it was out of your control.

Interestingly enough, butterflies and adrenal patients both rely on high amounts of sodium for their survival.  Sodium chloride provides essential nutrients and for this reason, a butterflies diet consists of items which naturally contain sodium such as grass, mustard, oak and milkweed. Butterflies have also been known to drink tears of other animals because of the sodium content. Talk about getting strength from your enemies!

In Native American culture, butterflies are said to represent wisdom and intuition, which are valuable assets in the daily management of adrenal disease. Adrenal disease warriors must constantly be aware of their cortisol levels and have the wisdom to know when to updose.  

Butterflies are a powerful symbol of rebirth and the start of a new beginning. A diagnosis of an adrenal disease is the beginning of a new stage in life. Just like the butterfly, adrenal patients must learn how to exist with the new changes.  

Adrenal patients, we are no longer caterpillars, we found our wings and are learning to fly.

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