Adrenal Advocacy Update – Summer 2021

Adrenal Advocacy Update: Summer 2021

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is proudly representing cortisol deficiency in the rare disease congressional caucus. We are also proud to be a part of Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill.

During Rare Disease week on capitol hill 2021: We are voicing our support of the following legislation:

The STAT Act

The Safe Step Act

The Benefit Act

we are also asking for attendance, endorsement and support FRom congressional represenatives foR OuR Upcoming disability inclusion event.

You can get involved too!

Contact your local representatives and ask them to co-sponsor the STAT Act, Benefit Act and the Safe Step Act to benefit all rare disease patients!

You can also invite them to attend the Disability Inclusion Event!

This information was brought to you by the Adrenal Alternatives Foundation for educational use only and is not meant to provide medical care or legal advice.

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