Updates on the TwistJect Emergency Cortisol Injection Device

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is a proud affiliate of SOLUtion medical, which is a company creating an auto-injecting device to deliver the lifesaving cortisol injection. This article contains the latest updates [2022] from  SOLUtion Medical about the Twistject device!

You can also listen to the podcast interview with SOLUtion’s founder, Julia Anthony, at the following link-  TwistJect Podcast Episode

SOLUtion Medical is developing a one-step injector for delivering adrenal crisis medication in a rescue situation. This incredible innovation will eliminate the need for cumbersome and confusing rescue kits, and replace those kits with a single, one-step device. This upcoming device automatically mixes medication without requiring shaking or visual monitoring. Initial data shows the product mixes hydrocortisone sodium succinate powder approximately 20X faster than the current standard of care in only one user step.

SOLUtion’s design teams, Neuma and IDE have been focused on the optimization and full integration, assembly, and prototyping of this device and recently finished the first complete prototype integration and demonstration successfully.

With their device prototype, SOLUtion has completed “hands-on” demonstrations with patients and advocacy groups to glean initial feedback from partners, patients, and caregivers. They are also planning to conduct a “human factor” study this year [2022] with The Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP). Having adrenal insufficiency herself, SOLUtion’s founder has maintained the focus of the product to be the usability and the human factors aspects of the device.  

On their drug formulation effort, they have optimized partners and supply chains and are working with two UK firms – Nova Labs (formulation) and Intertek (analytical) – to deliver the drug to the required specifications. These new formulation partners can offer potential cost/development savings.

SOLUtion was pleased with the promising analytical results of the optimized spray drying formulation and are moving forward with finalizing the formulation for manufacturability.

SOLUtion also completed a pricing and reimbursement strategy and payer stakeholder engagement and were very encouraged by the results, which included interviews with payer pharmacy benefit managers and medical directors. Based on this effort, they expect patients will have full access to the Twistject device across public and private payers, with no restrictions, no step through therapy (i.e. fail other methods first before changing), no prior authorization, and strong reimbursement rates.

Additionally, they are in the process of primary market research with patients and caregivers, to better understand their needs, the number of prescriptions per year, the number of crises per year, and other information relating to current adrenal crisis medication utilization. SOLUtion has had over 400 global survey respondents, which helped them better understand patient and caregiver needs, as well as aid them in payer discussions and negotiations.

SOLUtion Medical continues to expand external relationships and was selected to be part of the NASDAQ Milestone Maker Program, which has already led to several meetings with potential strategic partners for distribution worldwide.

This incredible company continues to build momentum and we are excited to support their ongoing efforts to make the Twistject device a reality!

To hear more about SOLUtion’s work, please join us for the Live Q & A event to be hosted on the Adrenal Alternatives Foundation facebook page on June 20, 2022 at 2:00pm EST.

This live event will feature SOLUtion’s founder, Julia Anthony, as she answers questions from the adrenal community regarding the upcoming Twistject Device.

You can also visit their website at: https://solutionmedllc.com/

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