When someone is diagnosed with cortisol deficiency, they are faced with the task of not only replacing a life-sustaining hormone, but also replicating a failed body system 24-7, with no way to check serum cortisol levels outside of a lab.

Artificially managing cortisol is a complex task and is vital to quality of life. A patients personal cortisol needs may differ from day to day depending on physical, emotional and environmental stressors. Every day is a guessing game with cortisol deficiency.

It is our goal to provide access to and awareness of every possible resource to manage cortisol deficiency and help patients not only survive this disease, but thrive despite it’s challenges.

What Cortisol Deficient Patients Are Saying

Being able to share science based information in an easy to understandable format for those diagnosed and their families is incredibly important. Adrenal Alternatives Foundation makes that happen.

-Kris Dooley

I just got diagnosed and this is a great first step to getting informed. Clear writing and important information. Highly recommend.

-Robert E Newhall

Perfect for patients and doctors! So excited to begin my cortisol pump hopefully soon because of the lovely people at adrenal alternatives! Thank you all so much for all you do.

-Marilyn Jack

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