Upcoming Adrenal Technology- Twistject Cortisol Delivery Device Update

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is a proud affiliate of SOLUtion medical, which is a company creating an auto-injecting device to deliver the life saving cortisol injection.

We were privileged to interview SOLUtion’s founder, Julia Anthony on the latest updates for the TWISTject device!

  1. Please introduce yourself. 

Julia Anthony, Chief Executive Officer of SOLUtion Medical. 

  1. What form of adrenal disease were you diagnosed with?

I was diagnosed with Salt-Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (SWCAH) at birth. This is a rare, chronic, autosomal recessive genetic condition requiring daily medication for the rest of my life, and rescue injection during an adrenal crisis. 

  1. Can you tell us about SOLUtion medical?

SOLUtion Medical is developing a one-step injector for delivering adrenal crisis medication in a rescue situation. With our device we plan to eliminate the need for cumbersome and confusing rescue kits, and replace those kits with a single, one-step device.

  1. What updates can you tell us about upcoming developments for the TwistJect device?

Our device automatically mixes medication without requiring shaking or visual monitoring. Initial data shows our product mixes hydrocortisone sodium succinate powder approximately 20X faster than the current standard of care in only one user step. We are presently working to optimize our product for manufacturing. 

Our immediate goals are to complete the design process to define how our device will be manufactured in medically compliant manufacturing, a non-trivial process. We expect to obtain approvals throughout the world so our device can be obtained by anyone at risk of an adrenal crisis regardless of location.   

Longer term, we envision our device as applicable to many different drugs and treatments, allowing more at-home usage of a variety of medications requiring mixing directly prior to injection. 

  1. How will your invention change the future of adrenal crisis management?

By simplifying rescue injections, more sufferers of adrenal insufficiency will be empowered to carry and use their rescue medication. This will reduce mental burden, increase compliance, and improve the lives of those with adrenal insufficiency.

  1. What goals do you hope to accomplish with your work?

Virtually everyone at risk for an adrenal crisis must carry a rescue kit, and these kits are not straightforward or easy to use. As a result, too few people inject themselves with rescue medication at the onset of an adrenal crisis, resulting in longer hospital stays, lower quality of life, and even death. A simple, easy to use device will reduce complexity and difficulties of injections, providing an “EpiPen” like experience that is intended to improve compliance of rescue injections during an adrenal crisis. 

  1. What is the timeline for the availability of the TwistJect device?

Developing and obtaining regulatory approvals for a drug device combinatorial product can be a long process.  We are targeting late 2024 for product launch, with hopes of delivering the device sooner. Much depends on the time spent during the regulatory approval process. 

  1. How complex of a project is the creation of your device from concept to production?

It is fairly complex, especially because our product is a combinatorial product, meaning it combines two regulated components, the rescue drug and the drug delivery device. Manufacturing, testing, documentation, and other regulatory compliance add multiple layers of complexity on top of normal manufacturing adding to both time and cost. These processes are all individually understood, but combining them into a product such as this is certainly non-trivial.

  1. What is something you want to tell the adrenal community?

You and your voice matter. Use it – for yourself and to empower others in the adrenal and rare disease communities. 

  1. How do you balance work and living with adrenal disease?

The forever present and typically invisible (when well-managed) chronic condition that is SWCAH makes work-life balance – an already challenging equilibrium – even more difficult. I am lucky to be surrounded by a talented and passionate team who are understanding of my condition and its affects. At the end of the day, it is thinking about the individuals and families we aim to help through our work that keeps me going. 

For more information on SOLUtion medical you can visit their website: https://solutionmedllc.com/

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The Butterfly: Story behind the Symbol for Adrenal Insufficiency

Out of all the possible symbols that could represent adrenal disease, why was the blue butterfly chosen for adrenal insufficiency?

Butterflies have long been a symbol of rebirth, beauty and grace, but more so than these facts, butterflies share many similarities with adrenal insufficiency patients.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation. Butterflies represent the ability to move from one state, perspective or lifestyle to a new one.

Like most adrenal patients, the butterflies go through a troubling time of transition. To achieve metamorphosis, the caterpillar spins itself into a cocoon. The caterpillar and adrenal patient alike undergo a process that changes their lives permanently, only to emerge to a new normal. The butterflies time in the cocoon can be likened to many adrenal patients experiences before diagnosis: the medical tests, the hospital trips, and the realization that your body was changing right in front of you and it was out of your control.

Interestingly enough, butterflies and adrenal patients both rely on high amounts of sodium for their survival.  Sodium chloride provides essential nutrients and for this reason, a butterflies diet consists of items which naturally contain sodium such as grass, mustard, oak and milkweed. Butterflies have also been known to drink tears of other animals because of the sodium content. Talk about getting strength from your enemies!

In Native American culture, butterflies are said to represent wisdom and intuition, which are valuable assets in the daily management of adrenal disease. Adrenal disease warriors must constantly be aware of their cortisol levels and have the wisdom to know when to updose.  

Butterflies are a powerful symbol of rebirth and the start of a new beginning. A diagnosis of an adrenal disease is the beginning of a new stage in life. Just like the butterfly, adrenal patients must learn how to exist with the new changes.  

Adrenal patients, we are no longer caterpillars, we found our wings and are learning to fly.

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Adrenal Insufficiency 101: A Patient’s Guide to Managing Adrenal Insufficiency

When someone has adrenal insufficiency, they are faced with the task of not only replacing a life-sustaining hormone, but also replicating a failed body system. Artificially managing cortisol is a complex task and is vital to quality of life. An adrenal patient’s personal cortisol needs may differ from day to day depending on physical, emotional and environmental stressors. This book is a patient’s guide to managing adrenal insufficiency.

We are proud to announce this book as a collaborative project of the Adrenal Alternatives Foundation, Inc.

This book contains factual information supported by credible medical sources, patient surveys and personal testimonies of real adrenal patients.


This book contains the following:

Chapter 1:Understanding the Adrenals 


Terms to Know

Adrenal Conditions/Diseases



Standard Treatment for Adrenal Insufficiency

Steroid Equivalent Dose Conversion Chart


Chapter 2:Managing Life with Adrenal Insufficiency 





Alternative Options


Chapter 3:For Family Members/Caregivers/Spouses 

Basic Necessities

Managing an Adrenal Crisis

Emergency Medical Protocols


Chapter 4:Critical Care 

Patient Perspective VS Outdated Research

Emergency Room Guidelines

Surgical Guidelines


Chapter 5:The Cortisol Pump 

Subcutaneous Cortisol Injections

What is the Cortisol Pump

How to Start the Cortisol Pumping Method

Pre-pump Lab Assessments

Establishing a Pumping Care Plan

Life with the Cortisol Pump


Chapter 6:Miscellaneous Care Concerns 

Blood Donation



Cannabis and CBD

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Chapter 7:Conclusion

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation


About the Author


It’s time the truth of adrenal disease was told.

Celebrating Rare Disease Day 2020

rarediseasepromo (2)


Rare Disease Day is an observance held on the last day of February to raise awareness for rare diseases and improve access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families.

For #RareDiseaseDay we invite you to join us with the
AI Butterfly Challenge, where we are raising our hands for adrenal disease awareness.

Our objective is to flood social media (pinterest, instagram, facebook and twitter) with our butterfly photos to spread awareness on ALL ADRENAL DISEASES!

dadAI (2)MomAI (2)

Rare Disease Day is February 29, 2020

To participate- Take a photo with your hands in the shape of a butterfly and upload to social media using the hashtags #RareDiseaseDay and #AIButterfly!

You can edit your photo with the template download here!!

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Or, if you’d like us to edit your awareness photo send your photo to adrenalalternatives@gmail.com


We hope you join us in raising awareness for all adrenal disease!

Exciting Announcement

As promised, we have an exciting announcement!

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation was created to help all adrenal disease patients find better quality of life. We are actively working to make sure treatment options are available to all adrenal insufficiency sufferers.

Access to the cortisol pump treatment is limited and this foundation is dedicated to helping people establish care and maintain pumps/supplies to achieve this life changing treatment.

In addition to our long term solutions for this issue, we are pleased to announce we have found a solution to eliminate the “black market” necessity for gaining access to pumps. The days of scouring eBay, craigslist and facebook for pumps and supplies are now over!

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with CR3, which is an organization dedicated to placing pumps and supplies in the lives of people who need them.


Founders Winslow E. Dixon and Charles Ray III (pictured above) have created a program which combines the resources of both organizations in order to supply pumps to adrenal disease patients in a safe and legal manner.

To apply click the highlighted text.

You can also discover more information on cortisol pumping on our website.

PumpPartnership (2).jpg

This is just one step into bettering the lives of future adrenal disease patients.

Change is coming for Adrenal Disease!

Stay tuned for updates!


The Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are a patient empowerment organization that encourages, educates and advocates for sufferers of all adrenal diseases. EIN: 83-3629121