Cortisol Care Center


There is currently no center in the United States which offers imperative  testing such as cortisol day curves and comparative lab assays of saliva, blood and urine cortisol  levels. These tests provide insight on how effective an adrenal insufficiency patient’s cortisol  replacement is and yet these tests are rarely ordered in standard endocrinology settings. Recent  research demonstrates circadian rhythm dosing is an imperative management tool to increase  quality of life supports the need for such testing. To improve quality of life, reduce mortality  rates and prevent adrenal crisis, a cortisol deficient person must be properly replaced.

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation plans to open a cortisol care center to provide the most up to  date management tools to treat all forms of cortisol deficiency and provide the most up to date cortisol testing and offer alternative cortisol replacement methods such as the newest steroid medications, subcutaneous cortisol injections and the cortisol pumping method.  

Advancements in cortisol replacement are available, but widely unknown and not easily accessible.  

Our goal is to create a care center that can offer appropriate testing and care specifically to  cortisol deficient diseases. Our cortisol care center  would be a “hub” of diagnostic care, evaluation and also a place for cortisol pumping to be safely  and effectively managed. 

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is doing all we can to improve quality of life and save lives.