EMS Protocol Advocacy

To save the life of a cortisol deficient person in the event of an adrenal crisis, an emergency cortisol injection must be administered. But unfortunately most EMS personal in the United States are not only unware of this, but are not legally allowed to administer patient medication and most ambulances do not carry emergency cortisol injections onboard.

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is actively working to change this on a federal, state and local level but we need your help. You can visit your local fire house and EMS station and advocate that they add adrenal crisis protocols.

How to Advocate for EMS Protocols on treating an Adrenal Crisis

Emergency Management Services (EMS) protocols can differ according to county or state legislation. It may be organized by the city services, by the county, or independently owned by private
companies. According to how they operate, they may or may not have established protocols on how to treat an adrenal crisis. You can find out if AI protocols are in place by visiting your local station, calling the county for information and/or contacting EMS director or fire chief. You may also want to check online on your local county website to see if specific protocols are posted.

If the website provides a searchable document format look for the following phrases:

Solu-cortef, solucortef, cortef

Solu-medrol, solumedrol

Adrenal crisis, acute adrenal

Find a point of contact to submit your protocol questions regarding the administration of Solu-Cortef.

Keep respect and professionalism in mind when corresponding and making requests. You may mention you are a volunteer with Adrenal Alternatives Foundation and provide them with our contact information if you wish.

Possible Points of Contact:
Fire Chief
EMS Director
Training Development Coordinator
Medical Director

Present a well-formed case to your point of contact.
You can provide them with pamphlets on how to properly treat an adrenal crisis. It is important to have both factual and humanitarian aspects in your correspondence with your point of contact. Solu-Cortef administration can be the difference in life or death in adrenal insufficient patients. Be sure you are making that point very clear in your intentions to update EMS protocols. If your current county does not allow the administration of Solu-Cortef, provide them with the necessary information on how you would like to see this protocol added.

Suggested Protocol Addendums for the treatment of an Adrenal Crisis
i. Allow paramedics/EMT staff to administer patient carried Solu-Cortef medications.
ii. Provide training to all EMS personnel via educational handouts, videos or seminar education.
Adrenal Alternatives Foundation can provide a full educational program on “How to treat an
adrenal crisis” sent to any US location.

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