What We Are Doing


We are a patient empowerment organization that encourages, educates and advocates for sufferers of all adrenal diseases. The Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. EIN: 83-3629121

Our first mission is to align patients with the proper tools they need to live the best quality of life with this disease. We work to refer patients to all possible options to help manage adrenal disease. This includes healthcare practitioners, mental health counseling services, fitness instructors, physical therapists, dietitians, medical professionals, caregivers, other adrenal patient networks and resources.

We also connect adrenal disease sufferers to the resources needed to begin treatment with the cortisol pump. We have aligned with the organization, CR3 to help adrenal patients receive pumps and supplies, with our without insurance coverage. 

PumpPartnership (2)

Secondly, we seek to educate the community on the truth of adrenal disease. We teach educate patients, caregivers, EMTs, paramedics, and nursing students through our Adrenal Awareness Initiative.

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Thirdly, we seek to encourage the adrenal community with our care package program, where we provide adrenal patients with comforting products as well as encouraging and educational resources to improve their lives as they fight this devastating disease.

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Fourthly, we are actively working to change legislation that all counties in the United States are authorized to administer the life-saving Solu-Cortef injection, which is not currently the case. Not all EMT’s are allowed to give this life saving medication and most ambulances do not have it on board. We are working to change this on a local, state and federal level.  We have aligned with organizations such as Rare Disease Legislative Advocates, CIAAG- Chronic Illness Advocacy and Awareness Group , Danny’s Dose , and Adrenal Insufficiency Protocols who actively work to legislate for patient rights.

Our team represents adrenal disease directly in congress through the Rare Disease Legislative Community Caucus. 


Our fifth project is our upcoming Pumps for Purpose program, where we take donated insulin pumps and supplies and repurpose them to adrenal disease patients actively working with endocrinologists to maintain a better quality of life via the cortisol infusion pump.

Lastly, we are working on creating clinical trials and research to create more technology to manage adrenal disease. Unlike diabetics, there is currently no meter to check our blood levels. Adrenal patients must be constantly vigilant of their cortisol levels, which can drop in an instant. Research and technology advances are desperately needed.